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I love speak­ing at schools, con­fer­ences, and fes­ti­vals about writ­ing. Let’s talk!

A Day for Skat­ing: “Cozi­ness is the name of the game in the pen­cil and water­col­or illus­tra­tions, with lots of feath­ery snow, fuzzy knits, and soft and friend­ly faces…this will entice the uncer­tain out onto the ice (or into the warm­ing hut) and give view­ers in warmer climes hap­pi­ly frosty day­dreams.” (Bul­letin of the Cen­ter for Chil­dren’s Books)

Pass­ing the Music Down: “Sul­li­van cap­tures the sound of the ‘old time’ music in her rhyth­mic verse, which just cries out to be read aloud … A beau­ti­ful­ly craft­ed pic­ture book.” (NSW Asso­ci­a­tion for Gift­ed and Tal­ent­ed Children)

All That’s Miss­ing: “Filled with heart, this will appeal to fans of Kate DiCamil­lo’s Because of Winn-Dix­ie.” (Book­list)

Scenes from a Writer’s Life

  • Sarah Sullivan
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